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Long-term rent

Do you want to stay in Lviv for more than one week? Do you have a long-term business-trip? Or maybe you need to settle a new colleague or an invited foreign specialist? Then you’ve came to the right place.

We make the best offers on long-term rent apartments in Lviv.

Just check it out:

  • You don’t have to pay for the real estate agent’s services and try to match his/her time schedule.
  • You see the final rental price for the selected period. No additional payments, utility bills are already included in the price.
  • If you rent the flat for more than one month, you will get the most reasonable price and the best offer on the market.
  • You don’t waste your time for flat-hunting. All information and photos are displayed on the website. You just choose the offer which meets your needs.
  • Long-term rent discount is applied starting from the 7-day period.

What are the pitfalls of such offer, one can ask. None! We just hope that you will fall in love with Lviv so much that you decide to stay here for good. smiley

How to Choose and Rent Apartment in Lviv for Long Term

Choose the desired rental period and check the "Long-term rent”.

The website will display the list of the flats available for the selected period, and also the final and daily rental price, so that you can immediately see the sum of money you save.

In case when, due to any reasons, none of the long-term rent flats satisfies your needs and you would like to hire another flat, you are welcome. However, the discount in such case will be smaller.  To see other flats long-term rental price, uncheck the Long-term rent box.

If you need any additional information or consultation, please, feel free to contact our administrator. We are glad to help you any time.

So, don’t hesitate, come to Lviv, bring you friends, invite your colleagues,
we will provide apartments for all of them!

21 USD
550 uah
19 EUR
Virmens'ka str.18
2 min to the Rynok Square
Quantity of rooms1
Qauntity of berths2
15 USD
400 uah
13 EUR
Khmel'nyts'kogo str. 10
5 min walk from Opera theater
Quantity of rooms1
Qauntity of berths2
22 USD
600 uah
20 EUR
Samiilenka str. 36
10 min to Grushevsky monument
Quantity of rooms2
Qauntity of berths4
21 USD
550 uah
19 EUR
Virmens'ka st., 15
2 min to the Rynok Square
Quantity of rooms1
Qauntity of berths4

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