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Daily rent apartments VS Hotels VS Hostels

Lvov is one of the most picturesque cities in Ukraine. If you visit this beautiful city, you will get a great number of new impressions and a great joy. And to make your trip as desired and imagined, you should think about your temporary accommodation. You can choose a hotel, a hostel or daily rent apartments in Lvov.

Habitually the majority of tourists chooses hotels. Though it is not always such a good choice. Yes, hotels employ staff that will take care of you, will bring you breakfast to your room, etc. There is a guarded car park as well that is situated directly at the hotel’s territory, and if it’s not there than there is a person who is responsible for parking. The quality of any hotel depends on the number of starts hence it also depends on the price. The more starts, the better quality of room service and service in general. As known, a 5-star hotel is very expensive and there also is an essential extra charge on drinks. You will also always be in the public eye, not being able to make a single step without noticing other people’s looks. On the contrary, renting an apartment on a daily basis in Lvov is much more advantageous that a room in the a hotel, even in the one that is far from the best one.

A hostel is cheaper than a hotel. Those, who really want to see the world but who do not have a big fortune, choose living in a hostel. A big plus here is the price itself as in comparison with a hotel it is much cheaper even if a hotel will not have start at all. As well you can meet travelers from different countries. As usual hostels are for young people. In hostels there is a kitchen, a laundry, a toilet and a shower. As a rule, all these facilities can be found not in the room, but on the floor that are designed for a certain group of people. Most frequently,4 to 20 people can live in one room. However, there are single and double rooms in hostels as well. Bu their price will be higher more or less the same as that of an apartment or a room in a 3-star hotel. A big disadvantage of such a room is that it is still a hostel. Shared toilet and bathroom, the possibility of unpleasant people living with you are a big minus. You will have to put down with the fact that some people you do not know are living with you and make it difficult to fall asleep, make it impossible to be alone, as well there’s always a risk of theft. In some hostels it is forbidden to come after midnight or stay in after 11 a.m.

Renting an apartment in Lvov is a great option. The main advantage of living in an apartment is the feeling at home. You won’t be able to get this feeling in any type of the hotel. Additionally, renting a house will be significantly cheaper than a room in a hotel. This will help you save your money and get the necessary comfort. You won’t have to share your temporary accommodation and you get the possibility to cook your favourite food, invite your friends and get all the necessary privacy and free time. If you are travelling with your close ones. It’ll be a more comfortable option than a hotel room as you will have the possibility to gather in the living room to talk and drink a cup of tea. Such a temporary flat will free you of all the fuss: people in the hallway, 24-7 steps, etc. As the main aim of having a holiday will your close ones is the privacy that is only possible in an apartment. You can freely have a snack, regardless of  the time and you needn’t go anywhere. You can head for the kitchen staying in your pajamas and cook a cup of tea or a sandwich. And when going out you don’t have to give your key or look at the watch to come back in time. You can choose the best daily rent apartment on our website. As, "Kak Doma” apartment network offers the fullest set of equipment: each apartment has modern furniture, and equipment, Wi-Fi, cable TV, 24 hours hot and cold water supply, a cooker, a microwave, a washing machine, dishes, a hair-dryer and many other details that will help you to feel at home from bed linen, towels  and bathroom accessories. We also offer full technical and informational support, regular cleaning on demand. Renting an apartment on a daily  basis allows to get excellent accommodation for the best price.